Self Doubt

Does this blog suck? Is it cool? Does anyone care? Even my friends?

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we:

Where do these ideas come from? Are they funny? Ironic? Satire?
Why do I have celebrities on my blog?! It makes me feel dirty.

Am I a culture-maker? Am I just standing on the sidelines of taking a whiz?

What about my more "serious" blogs?

Why did I start this blog in the first place? Did I want attention? Why do I continue to do it?

Listen, grasshopper. This blog is a journal. A journal of ideas. It is for yourself. So, it doesn't really matter if anyone reads it. What's the point of this blog in the first place? To get the ideas out of your head, and put them down somewhere. It's like a sketchbook. But a little less private than that, which is important because it forces you to think things through a little more before publishing them.

Everyone is quick to hate on other peoples' self-expression. But very few people have the balls to put anything out there themselves.

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