Raw Vegan Nasturtium Tacos

The nasturtium is a really good-looking plant, with broad green leaves that look like water lilies, and bright red, orange or yellow flower.
I learned yesterday that all parts of this plant are edible.

The flowers have a lightly spicy or peppery flavor.

So today, while making lunch, I had one of my brainstorms: nasturtium tacos!

The filling is the classic raw vegan paté (the amounts aren't specified, because it doesn't really matter. It will taste awesome no matter what):

  • raw sunflower seeds that have been soaked over night
  • raw almonds, also soaked
  • optional: jalapeño
  • dash of turmeric
  • nasturtium flowers
  • optional: a small amount of salt (preferably sea salt)

Blend ingredients in food processor.

Throw the paté on top of some nasturtium leaves from your garden. Add chopped bell pepper (or onions or cilantro). Add extra nasturtium flowers for color.

Eat while lying in a hammock in your garden.