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Wicking Ear Plugs

I wear ear plugs all night. Every morning when I wake up, there's a small amount of itchy, icky, ear-waxy moisture in my ear canal.

Every morning I dream of this invention: What if there were ear plugs that — instead of trapping moisture in the ear — would actually draw it out?

It would like an an ordinary ear plug, only there would be some sort of material which would act to wick the fluid out of the ear canal (blue part in the illustration.)

These ear plugs would essentially clean your ear as you wore them.

Sun Painting Table Top

I found this circular wood table top in the dumpster, and I couldn't stand to leave it there.
With some help of my awesome friends, I painted a big happy sun face on it.

After adding some spray-painted celestial bodies in the background, we are going to shalack the face (with the non-toxic resin-based stuff.)
Then we're going to make a stand out of recycled wood so it will be functional as a table in our greenhouse.

Then we'll be able to sit in our home-made greenhouse around our home-made table playing home-made chess.