Testosterone Soda

I really don't want this product to exist. But I'm an idea guy; I can't help it.

I don't even know if testosterone is bio-available in liquid form. I know there are shots, creams and patches out there. So, hell, you could probably drink it too.

Of course, this soda would have to include a massive dose of YELLOW 5 food coloring to cancel out the long-term effects.

(By the way, I highly recommend this episode of This American Life called "Testosterone".

More proof, by the way, that this blog should be titled "My great inventions that someone else has already invented". My original design for "Testosterone Soda" was the following:
. "Balls" just seemed like the right name for a soda with testosterone. But "Bawls" already exists (and they did a better job with the packaging than I would have: Look, it's even ribbed for your pleasure.

Someone just showed me this video. Totally what I had in mind!

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