Artists: Nuzzle your nozzle.

The paintbrush. Think about it. Why the paintbrush? WHY?

Now! The bottle. AH! The squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze bottle! It's so much better!

Want to get a child to paint? Try giving him a brush and see what happens. Frustration, that's what.

But: The squeeeeeeeze bottle! Yes! It makes so much sense.

It's instinctive. It's childish. It's FUN. The way making art should be.

See, plenty of paint is sold in squeeze bottles. But they're ALL missing the most important thing: A DAMN NOZZLE! Yeah, there are some out there with nozzles, but they'll all really tiny bottles of puffy paint or fabric paint or glitter paint. Dah!

Paintbrushes are good for blending. That's all they are good for.

Want a clean line? Try a paintbrush: You have to keep re-dipping the whole time. It turns out all ragged around the edges. Yuck! Who wants that? How about a squeeze bottle with a thin nozzle?

This is my invention: It's so simple. And so genius at the same time. It's just a damn plastic bottle. Removable top. With a nozzle. (With a collection of nozzles! Different shapes.) And it's sold in art stores. Right there with the paint. You fill it with your own mix of color.

Even better would be paint that is actually sold in a bottle with a nozzle on it. It's so obvious. Why doesn't this exist already? It's getting me all worked up.

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SylvanLearningSalesRep said...

I'm a representative for SYLVAN LEARNING center, we have an art program in place for the "special kids" that would normally just fling their feces at our tutors. Anyways sir, I would like 5 million orders!