iPad table

Imagine an office where everyone is sitting in cubicles, isolated from one another.

Now imagine a large room where 5 - 10 employees are communing around a table.

Which scenario do you think is more productive for the company?
The second one, obviously, because more heads are coming together, communicating and sharing ideas. Working with, or even just AROUND other people, is so much more synergistic. And good for morale.

Even if you're working on your own thing, it's sometimes nice to have other people around the table working on their own thing. You can reach out for help at any moment.

What's the downside to the around-the-table arrangement? Well, for one thing, how is each person going to have access to their computer?

So here's the idea: It's an iPad the size of a table. Imagine it. A half dozen people sitting around a gigantic iPad. Files can be grabbed and moved around. "Here! Look at this file!" you can say, and then you can actually physically pass it to the person next to you. Because of it's large amount of RAM, each person can be working on their own project at the same time; their own section of large screen.

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