Extemporaneous Album

I accidentally had some ganja cookies last Monday. I was so high I couldn't do anything but sit in my car and talk to myself. Fortunately, I had a small digital recorder with me. I started talking. And then I started singing. It was so much fun I didn't want to stop. I was there for hours.
The next day, I listened to what I had come up with. Most of it was quaintly weird and random, like a dream, or like my sub-conscious wringing itself dry. A lot of it was laugh-out-loud funny! I spent the next few days winnowing out the boring parts. But I left the final product in tact, with minimal edits, and only a few over dubs.

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Ready to Explode

This album really inspires me because I'm enthralled when I can make something of "quality" with little effort. One take. Totally off-the-cuff. It's an abundant feeling, because it means you can make gold at any time out of nothing.

There are some really good ideas — gold nuggets — buried in the horse shit. I am excited to extract the juice and use it to fuel an ever grander vision, but I actually think it is release-worthy as it is. I mean, it's totally crappy. But it's a good kinda of crappy, like the kind of thing that would become an internet phenomenon. Like the kid who posts the video that's just weird enough to make people go... "Hmm...? What can I do with this?" And the next thing you know, there are 100 remixes on YouTube, complete with crappy animation.

Pure, bare expression of the inner freak is a thing that people can grab onto. They are happy that someone else can really let it out — the way they wish they could.

Just naked voice in a vacuum, like raw materials, can be used to build something even bigger. For that reason, I didn't alter these tracks much. I want to see what will happen when I put my bare art out in the "free box" for anonymous people to scavenge.

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