Chess Set Made of Trash

For some reason, our household had a chess board but no chess pieces. This was the case for many months because I do not buy anything from the store that I don't need or can't make myself.

Out of the blue, I had this idea: Make chess pieces.

  • Pawn: Bottlecap
  • Rook: Cork
  • Knight: Half cork with can top
  • Bishop: Half cork with eye screw
  • Queen: Cork with bottlecap "crown"
  • King: Squatty cork with bottlecap "crown"

I love the new chess set. The pieces are appealing to touch and look at. Their simplicity is really inspirational to me.

Of course, the board itself could be made of trash as well. A checkered table cloth? A flannel shirt?

What other things can be made of trash?

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