Computers for the Blind

While I'm on a roll talking about computers, what is there available out there for the blind? I did a quick google search and the best that I could find were various types of "screen readers."

Why not build entirely blind-friendly computers?

They would use much less power since they wouldn't need a screen at all. Therefore, they could probably be made quite portable.

Navigation could be tacile and/or auditory (some combination of noises and vibrations).

Typing accomplished by voice recognition software or keyboards with Braille labels.

"Reading" of text would be accomplished by a robo-voice screen reader, or, even better, phonemic speech software. Or...!

How about a

Dynamic Braille-reading pad

Imagine a plate about the size of a book. Braille dots actually raise out of the plate (like whack-a-moles). You run your fingers along the Braille plate. When you get to the end of the plate, you push the "page down" button.

Somebody get me a patent application.

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