Personal Mobile Percussion Station

Like every other drummer, I love to play drums on the wheel of my car. At stop lights, heavy traffic, or parked waiting for a friend, I'm tapping away on my steering wheel.

The potential product here so obvious, so simple, and so in-demand it's begging to be invented.

It's just a cover that goes around the wheel of the car. Inside the cover is some kind of trigger, like the kind used on electronic drum kits. The triggers are wired to some sort of sound machine, and that's wired straight into the car's sound system.

So, as you can sit there and drum, you hear the beats come right through your speakers. You can even play along with your favorite songs on the radio.

Every drummer I've ever talked to LOVES this idea.

The add-ons are endless: Imagine a "karaoke" track where instead of the vocals taken out, it's the drum section that's missing. So, you can play with your favorite music. Or, how about a "Learn Drums in Your Car" CD? As an advanced feature, it could even have accuracy-recognition software, kinda like Rock Band does.

I had the opportunity to pitch this idea to the president of BOSS. He just laughed it off like a joke.

But it makes perfect sense, really, a corporate electronic music manufacturer isn't going to create a nutty niche product like this. Especially because of legal issues: the potential for mis-use is so high (people playing while actually driving.)

That's why it's up to us basement inventors to come up with this thing and sell it underground. Here's an opportunity for us to come up!

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