Magic Eye Tattoo

I was just thinking that everyone with a tattoo automatically has something to talk about at the party.

(Which made me have this other idea about a character who has a tattoo of everything in the whole world on his body. That way he could try to fit in: "You have an anchor tattoo? Me too!" "You like rocket ships? My favorite! Check out my left ankle!" "Mobius strips! Hell yeah! Look under my right buttcheek!")

But anyway, if were ever to get a tattoo, I'd want one that's totally fresh and totally me. Something that hasn't been done before.

So, remember those Magic Eye puzzles from the 90's? Where you stare at them, and a 3-D image appears? I need a tattoo of that.

Best Tattoo Ever

Maybe after you've stared at it long enough, the words "Think fast!" appear.
Then just at that moment I smack you in the face.

Related: That reminds me of Peter Mucha's idea (I love that guy)Skin will become the ultimate hi-def screen. How about a tattoo that's always changing, showing constantly morphing images like a hologram. Or even better: A screen tattoo on your belly like the Telletubbies that shows whatever you want. "Check out this youtube video on my belly." You could even have a nanocam inside your body, so your tattoo shows everyone what's going on inside you. Close up. (Damn, that would be awesome! Like those "Womb with a view" t-shirts, only better.)

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Kris said...

I'll do it. Come to Michigan. I am a visionary/psychedelic artist and I own a shop in michigan.