I got 99 ideas, but I aint sold one

We were in da club last night when 50 Cent came in talking about

"We gonna party like it's yo birfday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it's yo birfday."

I was thinking today about the popularity of that song. And how Bacardi sales probably rocketed after the release. Maybe Bacardi cut him a deal ahead of time. Or maybe Bacardi helped push the popularity of the song after it had been released. Or maybe none of the above: Bacardi just leaned back and sailed on the profits of free advertising.

The music business does a lot of product placement. If they're doing it for free, they need to wise up. Movies do it all the time. Need a few extra grand? Throw a can of Pepsi into Brad Pitt's hand. But whereas the Pepsi can is there for only two seconds, the "Bacardi" line stays on people's lips for years.

So, I've decided, the next Ultricon Convoy release is going to include product placements galore. (But they'll be products I support, of course.)

Here's a sampling of the track listings:
1. Tempeh Powerballs
2. 8-Bit Soyrizo Burrito Princess
3. Vegenaise Blastoff
4. Tofu Warpzone
5. Level Golden Tofurkey
6. Guayakiller YerbaMate Miniboss
7. Coconut Bliss Bazooka Nuts

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